Things just aren’t working and you feel something’s not right- but no one is really listening.. 

I hear you.
Let’s look at what’s happening and finding the right solutions for you. 

90 minutes of holistic, best practice hands on help. Discuss experiences, history, challenges with you and babe, solve immediate problems such as breast pain & milk supply improvement, weighted feed, oral motor evaluation, patient portal education, fine tune your LATCH and body mechanics, pumping, herbal and lactation tools support and more.


Follow up Home Consults:

60 minutes session to check in on current care plan, weighted feed, address new needs, reinforce skills and get you feeling confident and able. 


zoom consults:

60 minutes session, perfect for long distance families who have a few uncertainties related to feeding and need reliable answers and tools from an IBCLC. This works best if you are able to have someone else hold your camera at times. *Unable to assess all feeding difficulties via Zoom. Please contact me to assess if this option is right for you. 



Prenatal Breastfeeding Info Session/Class

Covers info to get your breastfeeding journey going strong. Including education and practice specific to your needs. We'll also discuss previous experiences with breastfeeding and workout solutions to make this experience a positive one. 

$150 (large group discounts available for classes)

Service Packages


Protect and promote A strong breastfeeding connection.

You don’t have to try and figure this out alone anymore.
I’m here to support you!

- Lindy B.

"I'm so grateful for Sara and the work that she does. I trust her completely. The next time we have a baby, I plan to have her come evaluate the baby right after they're born so we can start off our breastfeeding journey strong!

Client Results:

Sara is your breast friend!


A space just for you.

Join a supportive community of women on the same journey as you.