As a new mother, feeding your baby is the most nurturing gift you can give them, but there are many obstacles that can get in the way of having it be the empowered experience you thought it would be. 

Mothers can struggle with latching, milk production, pain, tongue ties, time-management issues, and societal judgement just to name a few!

My passion lies in helping you manifest a confident feeding bond with your baby. There’s a solution for every obstacle and every mother, including YOU.

Google and your well-meaning friends have you more confused than ever

You feel more than “not good enough” at what others keep saying is the most basic and natural thing.

You generally love the life you’ve built, but you’re not loving feeding your baby and it’s heartbreaking.

Isolation is creeping in as you continue to unsuccessfully try new things over and over again.

It constantly feels like loved ones, friends and community are seeing you as a failure.

The “Mom Guilt” is crushing, especially when feeding isn’t going as planned.


We start where you’re most comfortable. My consulting supports families through many lactation and infant feeding seasons of life, using personalized, best practice, evidence based research with a holistic approach. I’m committed to providing an empowering experience for you that begins in your home and continues with on-going support.

You’ll be met exactly where you are (quite literally) with my In-Home Lactation Services.  

Working with me will support you to:

Feel safe and protected with support from a professional who deeply listens and honors your requests.

Get out in the world again, go on walks with your partner, spend the day at the community pool or grab lunch with a friend without fear that difficult feeding will get in the way.

Simply grab a diaper bag and run out the door because you confidently know what to do when on-the-go.

Have empowered conversations with other health care providers and advocate for your and your baby's needs because you’re well-informed and clear on what you want.


This work truly chose me. I know the struggle breastfeeding and pumping brings - and I emerged strongly from it, being who I am today.

Hi, I'm Sara Walsh!


“She hated the world for making feeding her baby hard. She was frustrated that there was not enough support and that there was no magic wand to just make it better. She learned how to care for herself in that season of fixing broken mangled palates and tongues that were genetically damaged.” 

Fast forward and I’m now a Registered Nurse (RN) and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) with a plethora of tools to support, protect and guide you with. Read more about my background, training and experience HERE…

- Lindy B.

"I'm so grateful for Sara and the work that she does. I trust her completely. The next time we have a baby, I plan to have her come evaluate the baby right after they're born so we can start off our breastfeeding journey strong!

Sara is your breast friend!


Client Results:

I trust her completely...


Gave me the direction I needed.


- Cassidy Dean

"Sara is the most amazing IBCLC! Not only does she know her stuff.  She's extremely educated and well equipped with knowledge combined with practice - but she is also uplifting. She is there for you, will advocate for you, validate you and help you feel and realize your capacity as a mother." 

How it Works

Let Lactation Network see if you qualify for six visits at no cost.  Additional visits no cost visits can also be requested when you need. If you need to see me within the next 48 hours, please request 'Emergent' when making your selection. Lactation Network replies quickly- often the same day.  

The Mobile Lactation Consultant patient portal is a place for you to tell me what your concerns are, input history and will contain all of you and your babies individualized education, as well as be able to securely access your careplan. 

Once you know you’re ready to get started we schedule your home visit after completing any intake forms. In your home I’ll assess exactly where you may need support and create a customized careplan for you.

Lactation Network

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Step two

Step One

Step three


Great results are achieved with on-going support to make sure things go as planned and make adjustments as needed. I’m on your team and seeing you succeed is my greatest reward. Clients often have check-ins weekly or bi-weekly and “graduate” anywhere from a few weeks to 6 or more. But it’s really based on your individual needs and preferences. We work together to decide this.



Go from feeling “lactation lost” to “confidently feeding”.

You'll have evidence based support and a wholistic approach because this is about quality of life. And you deserve it all!

Protect and promote A strong breastfeeding conection.

You don’t have to try and figure this out alone anymore.
I’m here to support you!.


A space just for you.

Join a supportive community of women on the same journey as you.