I want you to feel like you have a really knowledgeable friend.

Someone who will fight for you and honor your decisions and stand up with you and hold your hand. Take the long walk to your babies arms if it feels long and make it shorter. The NICU taught me that. Strong mother’s taught me the walk is WORTH it. 

I am that person who decided to set the bar high. For community, for women, for families. You don’t belong in a box and while I hope all the things I help you with, or suggest you try or encourage you to use, also feel right to you, somethings won’t and we get to walk through that together to define and redefine your success.

That’s why I do, what I do. Because it’s the influencers who made me feel like I could turn towards my own children, lean into my marriage, stay up and put in the reps with all night nursing sessions that helped me see the gift of motherhood when there looks to be a snow globe. 

From Little seeds, grow mightY trees

I’m Sara- Sarajoy. I started out my career wanting Trauma Recovery and realized that, while that role as an ICU nurse was critical in my growth for many years and is still a big part of who I am, that I wanted more for women in that setting. We can always be more.

So I set out to study High Risk Obstestrics at a leading level I hospital in Portland, OR. where I was trained in Late Preterm Dyads and complicated pregnancies. Helping those mothers to feeds their babie(s) during extended NICU stays. I feel really blessed to have seen so many things. 

I’ve had the honor to work with Human donor milk for the littlest population and help mothers bring their babies back to breast. Always such a beautiful moment! I’ve spent almost a decade learning oral motor function with some of the most amazing practices in the field of breastfeeding medicine and take those best practices into my practice. The field of oral motor function and Mayofacial therapy is a slice of heaven for struggling moms and babies when it’s addressed properly- All things just seem to click together once the root cause is found. 

I want to be the person there saying "listen to your gut, momma"

That gut feeling is a clarifying moment of free thought that’s intertwined into a deeper knowing and wanting to feed your baby in your way. No one holds higher authority. I'm someone who makes you feel like joyful feeding your baby is possible. Because it is. 



Lindy B.

"I'm so grateful for Sara and the work that she does. I trust her completely. The next time we have a baby, I plan to have her come evaluate the baby right after they're born so we can start off our breastfeeding journey strong!

Sara is your breast friend!


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